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Throughout 2016, I’m going to take random pictures of people and pets walking down the street and find out something interesting about them. We can all use some inspiration, we all like a good story and who’s not up for a free picture or two?

Dogs are a huge passion of mine. I spend much of my time helping dogs find forever homes. For those reasons, I decided Bruno would be a perfect candidate to jump off my project for 2016. I plan to take lots of pictures of random dogs walking with their owners and find out how their journey landed them with their family.



‘Bruno is 9 years old and I’ve had him for just over 3 years. I lived in Chicago at the time and had been searching for a dog. A friend told me she knew of a woman who had found a stray dog, but that she couldn’t keep him for much longer. I went to meet the dog and fell in love! I named him Bear. Weeks later, I got a phone call that the owner had resurfaced and wanted Bear back. Reluctantly, I returned him. By now I had discovered Bear’s true name was Bruno, he was 6 years old, and he was hit by a car when he was young, resulting in him losing his hind leg. Two weeks go by, and the owner contacts me again, saying I could give Bruno a better home. Bruno was returned that night and he’s been with me ever since!’

You never know when your forever dog will find you and when a random photographer will stalk you!

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